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About feed first USA



FEED First USA is the evolution of the nationally successful afterschool tutoring program started in 2005, Learning4Today. The acronym FEED stands for Food, Enrichment, & Educational Development. We are a service organization with a mission to work at the grassroots level, in low socioeconomic communities where the need is greatest. We provide meals, enrichment activities, and educational support to underserved at-risk populations 18 Years of age and younger. The meals we prepare serve as great inducement to get children off the streets during the high crime hours between 3pm to 6pm. It allows youths to participate in enrichment activities and educational support in a safe and secure environment. This is an innovative project that provides a new dynamic of hope and high expectations for meeting the needs of communities that, until now, is accepting of mediocrity, poor performance, and low expectations. Children come to our center first because they are hungry, and we provide a nutritious meal. In most cases, they are not doing well in school, so we provide tutoring and homework assistance. They are constantly exposed to crime and personal harm, so we provide a bully-free safe sanctuary. Our program has been greatly received and serves a critical need in communities ravaged by poverty and high crime.