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Star Throwers Wanted


We hear about hunger every day and the millions of children who do not get a nutritious meal. This past summer F.E.E.D. 1st prepared and served over 150,000 meals to children that are less fortunate. As you can imagine, it was an enormous task but so was the reward of seeing the smiles and the joy and satisfaction of doing something to help. However, we were not able to do this without some financial support. We are now transitioning into our At-Risk Program of feeding children after school and providing enrichment, educational support and a safe place to keep them off the streets. We need your help now more than ever to continue to do more and feed more children.

Please reflect on the following story adapted from Loren Eiseley's 1969 essay The Star Thrower.

A little boy was walking along a beach with his grandfather when they encountered a pile of starfish that had washed ashore. The little boy ran up to the pile, picked up a starfish and threw it back into the ocean. His grandfather upon seeing this shook his head and gently inquired: "Son, the task is so enormous, what difference can we make" The little boy responded, "A huge difference to that one!"

How often do we back off from the opportunity to give to others because we don't believe it can make a difference? Please join us and share in the spirit of giving back by making this summer special for a child. Be a Star Thrower.

We thank you for your gift.*

Al Lockett, Executive Director
Food, Enrichment and Educational Development




*There is no donation too small, and all donations are acknowledged and tax deductable.